7 rules of skin care in the summer

 Finally came a long-awaited, very warm summers. Many have already changed into shorts and sundresses and this is good news. 

But as always, not so innocuous in our world as it would seem at first glance. The sun's rays are sometimes not just dangerous, and even harmful to our skin and it makes you think, and what is the optimal care in the summer. 
The best guarantee of youth and health of skin - a regular, properly structured care for her. And suck do not necessarily have in your arsenal of super-expensive, fashion, money and publicized following 7 tips will help ensure that this statement.

 Moisturize skin from the inside and outside 

of the human body consists of water by about 78% and therefore should be given to the issue of setting much of his attention. 

The first monitor the amount of fluids you drink. Drink in the summer should be very, very much, it is desirable that it was just water. Experts recommend not to wait for the feeling of thirst and sip a few sips of water every 20 minutes. Starting the day with the best cup of warm water with a lemon slice. 

Secondly, it is important to moisturize the skin from the outside. Regularly use a cream with moisturizing effect, it is particularly important to do this after taking a bath, use of peeling and washing. For the summer it is easy to choose tonics and creams, which are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and silky. An excellent option would be lotions based on natural mango or coconut oil.

 Say "NO" decorative cosmetics

summer beauticians recommend to give up makeup at all, but as you know, it's not for everyone becomes real. If you can not exclude these funds from its daily use, then remove from the year should at least cosmetic creams, make-up foundation and powder. These three funds clog pores, do not give the skin to breathe thus, with a vengeance appear acne, and subcutaneous fat is simply no way to go out. 

Also in constant contact with the sun, these drugs can provoke allergic reactions.

 Skin protection summer

tender sun is not so safe and in some cases it may even be detrimental to the skin. That is why, from May to late September, it is recommended to use cosmetics that have a high SPF factor. It is not only about specialized protective sunscreen for the skin of the body and face. This factor should have all the cream, and even gloss and lipstick.


Exfoliation should be done all year round, but in the summer it must be very careful, and the procedure is repeated twice a week. 
It is important to regularly remove dead cells from the skin, as they clog the pores and sebaceous ducts. Because of this, the skin form comedones and rash. Correct filing remove these cells and stimulate skin rejuvenation and renewal of the dermis. 

The most effective procedure is, to use the means of beauty with a washcloth. With scrub sponges lather on the body, and then washed off with warm water. The skin will be beautiful all summer, if you repeat the procedure regularly. 
Conduct feeling better in the evening, on the morning of the procedure, before going out can cause burns.

 Funds face the summer

in the summer of great help for the care of skin becomes tonic agent cleans the skin, moisturizes and exfoliates. The tool performs the complex three steps used immediately after removal from the face of the whole makeup from the skin by removing the remaining sweat and dirt. It is important to remember that a part of these funds should not include alcohol. 

Store in the refrigerator can be a tonic, so the point of use will feel a pleasant cooling of the skin and at the same time it will be toned. 
Face Cream for this period should be as light as possible, with a moisturizing effect and light texture. 

Peeling for the face to be softer than the body.


In winter shaving procedure is performed much less frequently than in the summer. In summer, you have to shave more often, but the skin during the winter to wean from it, so it is important to buy a good quality shaving cream and after shave balm. 

Quality razor with a sharp blade and excellent cosmetic products to help avoid ingrown hairs and stumps. 

It is also very popular procedure hair removal wax. There are wax hot and cold waxing. If you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to go to a salon.

A beautiful tan

tan from the sun is a dangerous thing, so it is important to use quality tools from the sun, or to a safe tan. 

If you do follow the recommendations of doctors, the classic tan on the beach should be replaced on a hike in the solarium or self-tanning cream. If you use the latter should be very careful, because the effect is not immediate, and if intense start to apply the means, the tan can get rough, and sometimes more intense.

7 advantages and disadvantages of summer greenery

 Most of us begin with the arrival of summer just jumped on the green in order to saturate the body they howl in full. But, as in all things should not only know when to stop, but also take into account the negative side effects of these products on the human body. For example:


Advantages. The main advantage of this green is to increase potency, eliminates swelling. Moreover parsley recommend regular use to diabetics as it contains insulin, as it carries in its composition vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, fluorine, selenium, flavonoids, which are excellent prevention of cancer.

Disadvantages. Unfortunately parsley do not get too carried away pregnant women, though, and it contains folic acid, but it is the tone of the uterus. In diseases of the bladder and kidneys, too, need to use caution.


Advantages. This product contains folic acid and vitamin C, but in order to get a daily dose of these nutrients you need to eat about 500 grams of salad with vegetable oil.

Lack. This green is necessary to exclude from your diet for people suffering from pancreatitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, kidney stones.


Advantages. As we all know the basic properties of mint is relaxation. But also be aware that it removes the headache, is incredibly useful for people with cardiovascular system, it is perfectly soothes and dilates blood vessels. It should also be noted that this plant to treat "female herbs', which need to drink during the critical days.

Lack. Not worth giving drink for children under 6 years of age and bronchospasm.

 4.Lista garlic.

Advantages. The leaves of this remarkable product contains vitamin C much more Sanchez in onions. The stems of plants emit volatile, and the leaves around them create a sterile area in which the bacteria die of various diseases.
 Also, this plant is a prophylactic atherosclerosis, acute respiratory viral infection.

Lack. This product is not recommended to use patients suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, rheumatism, liver, pancreatitis, and diseases of the digestive tract.


Advantages. When used infusion of dandelion flowers, the body gets a boost of energy not less than coffee. Also, this plant can be added to salads, as usual, and from wild plants.

Lack. This product should not be used for ulcers, gastritis and cholelithiasis.

 6.Zeleny onions.

Advantages. This kind of green onions in both its composition contains a large amount of potassium, which is so necessary for a normal and correct functioning of the cardiovascular system. Also, it is the principal prophylactic colds and atherosclerosis. Please be aware that 100 grams of green onion contains a daily rate of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Disadvantages. You should not eat onions raw in diseases such as pancreatitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines.

7. Dill.

Advantages. As part of this plant contain a huge amount of keratin, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. With regular use, it helps to reduce the pressure, normalizes the intestine and is very useful for vision.
Disadvantages. You should not keen on people with low pressure. In the case of overeating can begin dizziness, weakness, fainting.

At the heart of every woman has an inner blonde. And it must be love

 I love and at the same time I do not like jokes about blondes.

On the one hand, I was brought up in an infinite respect for women (of course, women in the first place). Being an ardent feminist, I strongly believe in the ability of the weaker sex, not only to cook the pasta and bring up children and her husband, but also to formulate business strategy, open a jar of stewed meat with a knife, make a presentation, and even to govern. On the other hand, these lovely stories are really funny. A funny usually that's true.

It is clear that the people's sense of humor brings intelligence to the absurd blonde girls. But in every joke there is some joke. And I think that there is little blonde in every woman. Someone she slumbers and wakes up only occasionally, someone often, someone is awake all the time, guiding the thoughts and actions of a clear path to it, devoid of formal logic.

 These are the moments when your fully developed, educated and intelligent woman suddenly sits down and says, "I am a girl and did not want to decide!" This is when she went for wallpaper paste, and returned with aromatic candles, fotoramochka, colorful ribbons and a set of curly staplers . This is when she puts on a business dinner tasteless bright Boucicaut, because "they are Klassen's." This is when the belt suddenly pops up the most self-lipped bow and information shoulders (the easiest and most affordable way to instantly increase the chest).

If you look closely to the woman, in these moments of her beautiful hair a little lighter. Moreover, since the roots, which seemingly does not happen. 

It's funny sometimes encounter unexpected gap in the erudition of his companion. It seems she knows and where the timing belt, and how to marinate skewers, but suddenly it turns out that she has no idea why the flying airplanes and heavy iron What is the capital of Switzerland. Not to mention the fact, as they called the small green Jedi from "Star Wars."

These facts do not need it to live. But living in the blonde gladly collects news about who is with whom and when information about the sales of skirts to the floor and manufacturing methods of polymer clay bracelet. 

The blonde is very pretty, very feminine and very capricious. If you want to learn more about it, give your woman the joy of waiting offspring. When the hostess at a position inside blond fully revealed.

"Open the window, I'm suffocating!" "Close the window, I'm cold!" "I want salty fried strawberries!" "Buy me belyashi at the station!" "Wake up, my dear, I want a peach!" "I want vodka!" - Yes, that also happens. And finally, the brightest, "You do not love me!" We do not understand ...

 We live in a world of numbers, facts and cause-and-effect relationships. Blondes exist in the world of hormonal storms, sacred knowledge, superstitions, emotions and sensations.

This, in my opinion, explains the popularity of women's brands Louis Vuitton, Victoria's Secret, iPhone and car MINI. So you know, besides themselves there are machines MINI bags MINI, his cap MINI, kofevarochki MINI, mug MINI, T-shirts MINI, MINI watch and, of course, for the MINI cheholchiki smartfonchikov. This brand was the blonde's heart. In its mimimishnosti it is comparable only with kittens, puppies that lick with.

A friend of mine bought his wife a car. Severe lady in customs reluctantly took the documents, scroll. 

- For the first time make out MINI Cooper, - she said frostily, and suddenly her face lit up with an official joyful, almost childlike smile. - Oh! Reds! - Blonde - it's not the color of the hair. This state of mind.

And of course, the blonde - it is in no way an insult. Rather, it is a compliment to femininity, vulnerability, by the time the fair sex recalls its sweet weakness.
When your companion appears blond, it's great. And here I disagree with the classic that "women are the charm of some silly and horror which fools." They simply have a different mentality often.

It has long been clear to everyone that if a woman wants something, she will do it. Not like us. Not in the forehead, not assault. And on his own, feminine twist.
When my three-year Ple Yash ka said to my son: "Misha, you're so smart, I still ride a bicycle", he can not resist. And no man could not.

Therefore, there is a long list of successful women who have climbed to the top of the world, without changing dress pants: Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Mary Kay, JK Rowling, Margarita Pavlovna of accounting ...
Do you like blondes, friends!

7 simple remedies for acne

 Acne - it is a problem of many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. And very often, even the most expensive cosmetics are powerless. How to escape from this problem?

 1.Hozyaystvennoe soap. In order to cure your skin before going to sleep you need to wet a small amount of household soap and carefully rub them every pimple and leave it on your face until the morning. When morning washing and use soap. This tool is perfectly dries pimples.

 2.Drozhzhi. for the preparation of a therapeutic agent, take 1 tbsp yeast, add a little warm water to make a thick mass. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice. After preparation, apply a poppy on the face for 15 minutes and then rinse with water at room temperature.

 3.Maslow tea tree. This tool has cleansing properties, it requires just two times a day to lubricate the problem areas. You can also use eye drops Visine, they do not remove acne, but it relieves inflammation.

 4.Umyvanie lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. For the preparation of the cosmetic products must be 1 lit. of water, add 1 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice. after preparing a cotton pad and pat in the facility and wipe them face 2 times a day.

 5.Krapiva. To prepare the perfect remedy for acne Nettle need to take 3 tbsp Fresh leaves of the plant, and add thereto 200 g of water. After leave to infuse for 1 hour. At the expiration of the time the broth is ready to use, you can stir it halfway with water and wipe the face 2 times a day with a cotton pad.

 6.Maska acne fruit. For the preparation of such a tool is necessary to take 1 tbsp orange pulp, 2 tablespoons cherries. All components of the mix to the state of porridge and add 1 tablespoon starch, after apply on face and after 15 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature. You can also dry up pimples egg white, after such a procedure in the morning they will be practically invisible.

7. Honey Calendula. The perfect remedy for acne for preparation, which is necessary to take 1 tbsp. boiled water to it to add 2 tsp honey and calendula tincture. All carefully stir until completely dissolved honey. After cooking, wipe the face with a mixture of 2 times a day, preferably in the morning and evening.

The shame of the king of beasts

Two tourists with a guide parked the car in the reserve Masai Mara near the grazing animals to watch them. They could not even imagine that in a few minutes, see a spectacular scene of humiliation king of beasts.

 1. Probably the lion tried to attack a newborn calf, which was guarded by adult animals. Buffaloes reacted instantly and his rebuff predator scared so much that he had to climb up a tree to avoid becoming a victim yourself.

2. How to tell the authors Photo Daily Mail, the buffalo did not stop there: they began walking in circles around the tree on which hung the lion.

 3. Predator meanwhile began to slide down the trunk under the weight of his body, and he had no choice but to drop down and quickly retreat into the bush.


 5. Buffaloes also continued peacefully graze.


"I'm lazy mother. And selfish and careless "

I'm a lazy mother.

And selfish and thoughtless. You want to know why? Yes, because I want my children to be independent, initiative and responsibility.

Working in kindergarten, I watched a lot of examples of parental overprotection. Especially I remember three years Slavik. My mother thought that he must always eat everything and then lose weight. I do not know how it was fed at home, but he came to us with a clear violation of appetite. He mechanically chew and swallow everything will. And it had to be fed, because "he has not yet know how!". So I feed it the first day and did not see any sort of emotion on his face I present spoon - opens his mouth, chews, swallows.

I ask: "Do you like porridge?" - "No."

This opens his mouth, chews, swallows.

"Want more?" - I present a spoon. - "No" - but still chews and swallows. "I do not like it - do not eat!"

Slavik eyes widened. He did not know that so it is possible.

First Slavik enjoyed obtaining rights to refuse food and drank only fruit compote. And then he began to eat with the addition of what he likes, and push the plate with the unloved. He appeared independence in the selection. And then we stopped feeding him with a spoon because the food - a natural need. And a hungry child will eat itself.

I'm a lazy mother. I was too lazy to feed their children for a long time. In a year, I handed him a spoon and sat there beside him. In one and a half they have wielded a fork.

Another natural need - defecate. Slavik did it in my pants. His mother told us to drive the child to the toilet every 2 hours. "I have it at home itself put on the pot and keep as long as he does not do all the work." As a result, the garden has been waiting for a big kid that he, too, will be led to the bathroom. Without waiting, drenched pants and did not even know them off, ask for help. A week later, the problem was solved.

"I want to write!" - Proudly announced to a group of Slavik, going to the toilet.
I'm a lazy mother. On weekends, I like to sleep a long time. One Saturday woke up about 11. My son is 2 and a half years of watching the cartoon, munching a carrot. TV turns on itself, the disc also has found himself. A senior who 8 was no longer at home. He asked for leave on the eve of a friend and his parents in the film. I said that I was too lazy to get up so early. And if he wants in the movie, then let the plant itself and the Service collected. Wow, not slept ... Of course, I also wound up in the phone itself Service, listened as he was going, and closes the door, waiting for an SMS from another mother, but the child is left behind the scenes.

And I'm too lazy to check the portfolio, backpack for Sambo to dry his clothes after the pool and do the lessons with him (by the way, he learns without three). And I take out the garbage, too lazy, so it throws out a son on the way to school.

Once I have the audacity to ask him to make me tea and bring to a computer. I suspect that every year I will become lazier.

But the amazing metamorphosis happens to kids when Grandma is coming to us. Senior immediately forgets that he himself is able to do homework, to warm up their dinner, collect portfolio. And even sleep alone in a room is afraid - to sit next to my grandmother! A grandmother we do not lazy.
Children are dependent if it is beneficial to adults.

12 items of clothing that we were wrong

The problem of women of all times and peoples "nothing to wear" can be solved - is enough to cast a fresh eye and a wardrobe to imagine any of the annoying things you can do interesting and turn into something completely new and original.

Unseen pictures 4 you collected for you 12 ideas for remaking clothes that you will definitely come in handy. After all, summer is on the nose.

1.Coloring T-shirt in bright colors.

2. Transforms the summer shorts using lace.


3. Or,you can decorate the back pocket of the shorts ribbon sequins.

4. Make a T-shirt with a cat (or any other) print with a stamp.

5. An interesting and simple idea for a t-shirt for the summer.

6. Decorate interesting jeans print using ink and stencil balonchika.

7. Boring ballerina can be converted into a stylish, interesting color transition.

8.Jeans and lace.

9. Original decoration for the collar of the old drive.

10. That's how you can revive normal rhinestones denim skirt.

11.T-shirt with an interesting neckline on the back.

12. Skirt turns ... in an easy and comfortable dress.

Why do young people do not buy cars and apartments

The traditional measure of success - their own homes and cars - is irrelevant. An increasing number of young people around the world do not want to buy them.

Numerous studies experts show that the generation of so-called millenialov - people who are now 30-35 years old - have rarely buys the house and even rarer - cars. In fact, they do not super expensive purchases in general. Except for iPhones, of course.

In America, people under the age of 35 years is generally called "generation of tenants." Why is this happening? Some sociologists believe that this is due to the fact that the share of the youth of today have to too much financial cataclysms. And because people are simply afraid to take "serious" loans.

But even this is not important. The fact that the generation of today's young people is different from the generation of their fathers other values.

Today's youth is reviewing the concept of success. Previously successful people were those who owned your own home and car, but now in special honor those who invested in expertise and experience: travelers extremals startups.

Young people deliberately refuse to purchase real estate, and even furniture, preferring to rent them. The point is that now people do not want prosperity and stability, a flexible schedule, financial and geographical independence.

Material things are no longer just interested people. Why own a car, if you have a taxi? This is, in fact, a personal car with a driver. And do not use his services more than to own a car.

Why buy a house in a beautiful place and go there for a vacation if you can find a house through Airbnb anywhere in the world? You do not have to overpay for either rent or buy property in the country a favorite. Same thing with the real estate in his hometown. Firstly, you do not know how long you will live where you live. Secondly, why take out a mortgage for 40 years, if you can accept the fact that spend all my life in rented accommodation? In the end, the job you are likely to in the future, the next few years, change it, and if you are renting, then nothing prevents you to move closer to the office. Forbes reports that today's young people change jobs on average every three years.

The concept of ownership of things is no longer relevant.

Reviewer James Gamblin Atlantic explains the phenomenon this way: "In the last ten years, psychologists have spent a huge amount of research showing that in terms of happiness and a sense of well-being is much more profitable to spend money on the purchase of a new experience, not new things. It brings more joy. "

Here are excerpts from the article Gamblin: 
"It turns out that people do not want to listen to stories about where you bought a house there. They want to hear what you have spent a wonderful weekend. Even a bad experience eventually becomes a great story.

Social interaction between people is crucial in the matter, they will be happy or not. So you have to talk to other people and have a lot of friends. Of course, others will be more pleasant to hear about how you went to a crazy journey or how you have lived a year in the wild country, and not about how many apartments you already bought. "

There is something else. The fact is that the things that we have, especially if they are very expensive, make us worry about their condition. Buy a car - and you'll wince every time worked outside someone's alarm. Buy a house, navezite it expensive technology - and you'll be afraid of robbery. Not to mention the fact that the cars scratched, beat and ultra-expensive televisions tend to fail after a year of operation. The resulting experience is one you have not take.

Our parents were not able to travel as often as we do. They have not had the opportunity to have fun as they are now, we have fun. They did not have many opportunities to start a new business, how much we have. Therefore, they have invested in houses and cars, and to do so we do not want. In the end, any of our purchase, if it is not a house or apartment, depreciate over time. And if you think about how quickly the crisis cheaper real estate, everything becomes even more obvious.

That's the main thing - the experience: it does not depreciate, and can not be stolen.

15 photos which prove that good will to live

In this world of wars, demonstrations and political upheaval is very important to be a man and be able to help out a friend in a difficult moment. Sometimes to do a good deed is a snap, but many people simply pretend not to notice. But even the smallest act of kindness would bring more love and joy than all the riches of the world.

This article Unseen pictures 4 you shows that while around us there are good people, this world deserves to be.

Welcome to live as long as there are classmates

 The guy could not come to your prom, graduation so came to him.

Welcome to live as long as there are such romantics

 So my friend who has been running, has made a proposal to his girlfriend. He just showed her the route on the tracker, when they reached the place of their first date.

Welcome to live as long as there are cops

 This baby name Glenn Buratti. He was 6 years old and autistic. Most recently, he had a birthday, and none of the 16 invited guests did not come. The local group on Facebook of his mother wrote: "My heart aches for my son. We invited all of his class, but we have ignored. " After the post 15 people came to congratulate the kid. And they are not alone. The house began to catch up with the fire and police gifts! They contacted Glenn both real superstar.

Welcome to live as long as there is an internet

 People laughed at the man who wanted to dance in the club, and posted his photos to the network. As a result, Twitter has started a whole campaign to support the "dancing man", which resulted in a huge party with Moby and Pharrell Williams.

Welcome to live as long as there are athletes

 Japanese fighter Genki Sudo enters the ring not with the flag of their country and with the cloth on which is written, that we are all one.

Welcome to live as long as there are graduates

 Ben and Mary are friends since primary school. Between them there was always a special bond. Mary suffers from Down's syndrome, but it did not affect their friendship with Ben. When they were in the 4th grade, Ben promised her that would lead her to the prom. Years later, recalling its long-standing promise, he decided to make a surprise, Mary and took her to the prom. She was really happy that day and all night, Ben kept his eyes on the girl and looked after her.

Welcome to live as long as there are animators

 For many years, the Scot, painted by Mel Gibson in "Braveheart" is photographed with tourists. Earned money transfers to fund the fight against childhood leukemia. Today turned over a million pounds.

Welcome to live as long as there are animals

Black Cat Ra demines appeared at an animal shelter in 2014. His condition was so bad that even the cat would lull. But he fought hard for his life, and eventually cure Lademen's still managed. Having recovered, the cat began to take care of other guests shelter. Whether a cat or a dog.

Welcome to live as long as there are teachers

 This happened during the lectures by Professor Sidney Engelberg. He teaches at the applicants for the master's degree. Among them are many students who already have children, and if they do not have anyone to leave their children, Sydney allows you to take them with you to class. And during the lecture one of the kids started crying. Mom got up to go out with him in the audience, so as not to interfere. But the professor suddenly took the baby in his arms and comforted him and continued talking as if nothing had happened.

Welcome to live as long as there are doctors

The old man had a heart attack while clearing snow in front of his house. Paramedics took him to the hospital and then returned to complete snow removal.

Welcome to live as long as there are neighbors

"This laundry at my expense! Have a nice day

Welcome to live as long as there are cleaners

 That's garbage collectors have fun during the lunch break.

Welcome to live as long as there are animal lovers

 Passer noted that the cat sleeping in the rain, and covered him with his umbrella.

Welcome to live as long as there are people who care

Photo author writes: "Yesterday morning saw these rugs were scattered throughout the park. It seems to have someone sleep, and after a rainy morning, they became terribly dirty. Later I noticed that some office worker put them in a basket and carried. And this morning I saw a picture. "