7 natural antibiotics

 At occurrence of various diseases, we need to take different formulations containing the antibiotic. But after treatment with us there are other problems, but in nature there is a natural alternative to the use of which would not be unpleasant consequences.

 Cranberry. This berry is a source of Vitamin C and various antioxidants. Cranberry juice treated wounds before, that it has antiseptic properties. When taken regularly, it normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, neutralizes the effect of urinary infections. But she has contraindications: gastritis, ulcer, hyperacidity.

 Kalina. These berries contain an antiseptic substance. It is used in the treatment of sore throats, bronchitis, pneumonia, acute respiratory disease, furunculosis, lichen, acne, and beriberi. Also, very often it is used in the treatment of infected wounds. But because of the high content of biologically active substances may worsen the patient's condition: elevated blood clotting, pregnancy, thrombophlebitis, susceptibility to digestive disorders.

Lingonberry. This product contains benzoic acid which is a natural preservative and turns in this berry antibiotic. If you get in her environment of pathogenic bacteria, they lose the ability to develop and reproduce. In most cases, it is used in the treatment of urinary system.

 Mustard. This product has a bactericidal action, it helps to get rid of various pathogens that multiply in the intestine. Very often, it is used during the colds. It is not permitted to use in inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, as well as tuberculosis.

 Garlic. In fresh garlic cloves contain volatile substances that neutralize the action of bacteria and parasitic ciliates. Contraindications: Individual hypersensitivity, acute diseases of the stomach and intestines, inflammation of bacterial origin are not localized in the liver or kidneys, epilepsy. Eat garlic during pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, dehydration should be very careful.

 Bow. No wonder this product is recommended for all to use throughout the year, as it has antiseptic properties and is a natural antibiotic. In its juice and pulp contain biologically active substances that enhance the immune system, neutralize pathogens, prevents the development of putrefactive processes in the intestine and helps to cope with skin diseases.

Propolis. The spectrum efficiency of this product is quite extensive. It promotes rapid healing of wounds, supports and strengthens the immune system and blood vessels, neutralizes the effect of mushrooms is a painkiller.

7 Secrets to shining in the morning

To the morning, getting out of bed, be cheerful, radiant and fresh is not enough just to wash and comb hair. You need to know some simple secrets that should be made before the night's rest:

1. Our skin loves moist air, so in order to always shone with health and beauty you need to install a humidifier in the bedroom. And if the water and add a drop of essential oil of eucalyptus, then you will improve and breathing, and sleeping.

2. Carrying out regular massage the scalp to the hair you provide an additional rush of blood, which stimulates the growth, shine, shine. This procedure is necessary to make easy massage movements with both hands and moving around the periphery to the center of the head. Once, with fingertips in a circular motion from front to advance the crown.

3.Ni for anybody not a secret that the true age of the woman gives the state of her hands, so be aware of the regular use of caring cosmetics. This is especially true cream, preserves moisture.

4.Nochnoy dream - this time the recovery of the body after a hard and stressful work day, polluted environment. All the exhaust gases, smoke, dust accumulated on our skin and without the normal cleansing it soaks deep. Therefore skin care is necessary to use a cream with antioxidants.

5. To the morning you had a luxurious night's sleep before the hair put on the ends of her hair nourishing mask and leave it until morning. But do not forget to put a diaper on the pillow so as not to spoil the linens.

6. To the morning the area around the eyes is fresh, before bedtime, apply the cream on the area of which consists of yeast extract. Such cosmetic strengthens blood vessels, removes excess fluid and prevents the appearance of dark circles.

7. In order to slightly lift the hair roots and prevent gum from the crease, take the tape and do a high ponytail. Thus you will be able to move freely and do not injure them. Also, do not tie in a high ponytail wet hair, so after shampooing, wait until they are completely dry.

7 products for cleaning our body

 In the course of the life of our body is clogged different toxins, toxins and other debris. Because of this, the body is worse to cope with the negative impact of environmental conditions. Also because of the contamination of the body, most drugs do not work in full force. If you want to hold in their body cleansing, then you will not need any excess material, just take out of your refrigerator:

 Lemon. Not for nothing at the slightest sign of ARI or ARI we take this citrus fruit tea. And it is not that the lemon contains a large dose of vitamin C. In fact, the main strength of the lemon - is the ability to convert toxins into water-soluble form, which in this state is much easier derived from our body.

 Beets. This product is a real treasure of vitamin, it contains: beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamins such as C, B3 and B6. With regular use of toxins are destroyed in the gall bladder and liver contained in beet fiber improves digestion and waste elimination process. If you decide to carry out cleansing of the body according to vegetables, it is better to eat raw.

Apples. As part of the apple it contains not only a huge amount of fiber and nutrients, and substances that stimulate the production of bile. Also in the apple pectin is present who has redeemed our body from various toxins and waste. But we should remember that the first thing we are talking about domestic apples instead of imported ones.

 Green vegetables. In these products, there is a huge amount of chlorophyll-like substance displays the body of heavy metals, toxins, herbicides and pesticides. Some of these products include parsley, dill, green onion, cucumber, celery, broccoli, sprouts soy or wheat. They also purify the blood and saturate it with oxygen.

Garlic. We know from childhood that the main feature of garlic is a confrontation between various viral diseases, and the product has an antiseptic effect. With regular use, he acts with the stimulator generating enzymes that filter the toxins coming from the digestive system.

 Seaweed. This sea product contains a huge amount of antioxidants. Such substances purified blood and normalize the digestive system. The composition of algae lurk: alginic acid, chlorine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, vanadium, manganese, nickel, cobalt and molybdenum.

Green tea. It's no secret that this drink is a real storehouse of antioxidants, but the issue of cleaning we are more interested in catechins. This component improves liver function.  

7 kinds of fashionable dresses summer 2015

Have the dress in the wardrobe of women is very important, it is only thanks to him the lady would look really fragile, gentle and seductive. The dress makes a woman beautiful, desirable and attractive. 
So what are the preferred styles of fashion maestro in 2015 spring-summer season?

 Fancy dress Mallet

This style is back in fashion in 2012, and still holds the leading position. The cut of the dress mullet has a different length front and rear hem in front of the shorter rear. This dress will look good on girls with shapely legs, and under the high heels. However, this style can wear all women through properly chosen length of the front. Dresses Mallet became especially collections of Nina Ricci, Thakoon, Emilio Pucci, Saint Laurent, Elie Saab, Oscar de Renta, Antonio Berardi.

 Dresses strapless 

recently received the attention it deserves strapless dress and the straps or bustier dress. But they are constantly flashing on the European catwalks. But this is not surprising because these dresses look of the fair sex is perfect: both elegant, fashionable, stylish and very tempting. This style was chosen by well-known masters of fashion, such as Tom, Zac Posen, Oscar de Renta, Peter Som, Chalayan, Marios Schwab.

 Fashionable Dresses one shoulder

for those who think too outspoken style dresses with bare shoulders completely, designers have proposed a variant of wearing asymmetrical styles. This style in the fashion world was called "Greek", which will fit any shape. Another plus it that this style is equally suitable as a cocktail and casual dresses and evening dresses to luxurious. Examples of modified dresses present us with Isabel Marant, Tome, Roland Mouret, Anthony Vaccarello.

 Dresses with cuts

Dresses with high slits coquettishly demonstrating leg, make the image is particularly attractive and enticing. This is a very good option for a formal occasion or a romantic date. But not to return to work. Models were presented with cuts Nina Ricci, Mugler, Gucci, Elie Saab.

 Fashion maxi dresses

The stylish and compelling dresses to the floor give a woman of refinement and romanticism, making it the most elegant and graceful. So, it is advantageous for any figure. Several seasons this style is among the leading positions in the new season in 2015 the situation has not changed. This is evidenced by the collection of Zac Posen, Valentino, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger.

 Mini dresses

Despite global interest in maxi dresses, ultra short versions again burst into modern fashion. Of course, such revelations model suitable for non-working time and slender girls. Although, if the mini will not be too aggressive, it is quite possible to be put in the office. Candid offer mini wear Saint Laurent, Versace, Alexander Wand, midi dresses preferred Altuzarra, David Koma, Boss.

Pleated dress 

Many fashionistas just brought to mind the charming, romantic, airy and light pleated dresses, because they look at a woman is simply delightful. In 2015, these models are particularly relevant in a floor length, but can be worn any other length that will suit each individual girl. We have before us the magnificent specimens pleated maxi were presented Aquilano Rimondi, Balmain, Chloe, Roberto Cavalli.

Kid Koala has not moved away from the mother during surgery

Love is everywhere. The six-month koala Phantom has not thrown his mother Lizzie, as she was recovering from an injury as a result of a collision of a vehicle. While Lizzie was operated on the light, the Phantom (he was injured as a result of the incident) tightly clung to his mother, who was unconscious: climb on her back and caressed. Now Lizzie in the manner and comes to life - with the help of antibiotics and his loyal pup.

7 foods that should be in the diet of every beauty

 If you are Mother Nature bestowed a magical appearance, it is not a reason to rely solely on her beauty and modern tools. To preserve the natural beauty must be even and well-formed diet, which will present the following products:

 Carrots. In this unique, wonderful product it contains a huge amount of nutrients that are essential not only for beauty but also for the health of the whole organism. The composition of a carrot keep vitamins (PP, B, C, E, K, A), minerals (potassium, magnesium, iodine, copper, iron); antioxidants; fatty oils; fiber.

Tomato. This vegetable is especially necessary for us in the summer, as its composition contains lycopene. This feature protects our skin from harmful UV rays. A regular consumption of tomato normalizes blood pressure.

 Banana. This citrus fruit is able to neutralize the bags under the eyes. And if you eat a banana before bed, you do not need tranquilizers and sleeping pills, but quiet and good night's sleep you will be provided. After a good night's rest so necessary in the summer for the body and beauty.

 Oatmeal. No wonder this product is considered to be the best breakfast, which is necessary for our appearance. The oatmeal contain useful elements such as iron, magnesium, calcium, which prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles.

 Red grapes. With regular use of such grapes can improve hemoglobin levels, improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure. Also, this product protects our body from the negative effects of stress, and stress is known is one of the enemies of beauty.

 Mint. Many studies have shown that stomach problems are immediately visible on the face. Peppermint tea helps to get rid of them, and plus to all, and calms the nervous system. Drink a drink at the end of a hard day's work, and you'll always look stunning.

Beets. On the beneficial properties of this vegetable has been known for many years. Nutritionists around the world is not only recommended, but insist on the regular use of beets. It contained huge amounts of potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, which are necessary to preserve our beauty.

6 reasons to wake up at 6 am

People often associate early awakening and life success. 

Here are 6 reasons that, in my opinion, are motivated to get up earlier. Editors Unseen pictures you sincerely believe that soon become larks.

1. You will have time to understand yourself

Many people do not achieve their goals because they lack focus. If you start from that day to find out on what you should focus first and foremost, it is unlikely to think about their big order during the day.
As we know, in the morning, your brain works most effectively. Use this time to take the life under the control of reason and not emotion.

2. You will have time to plan your day

Larks are able to plan your date in advance, before you go to work. The earlier made your plan for the day, the more efficient and productive you will spend your time.

Plan the evening tomorrow - is counterproductive. It is foolish to make plans when your brain is stale and wants only one thing - rest.

3. Morning - is an excellent time to work on them

Who says you have to rush to the office immediately after waking up? At the same time, many of us complain that they are not always enough time for family, fun or gym.

If you start to wake up at 6 in the morning, you will have a few hours before the start of the day to get to the gym. When you exercise in the morning, your body is saturated with endorphins. It's the hormones that are released during active physical activities and give us a feeling of joy and euphoria. The charge of endorphins produced in the morning, it may be enough for you to be energetic and cheerful all the time.

4. You will begin to have breakfast

You hear all your life that breakfast - the most important meal of the day. If you wake up a few hours before the beginning of the day, it just will not be able to miss it.
Research Hopkins School of Public Health, Bloomberg revealed that the habit full breakfast is extremely important beneficial to your health. Just as your car needs gasoline to go, your body needs food to function properly. Especially in the morning.

5. So many successful people do!

New York Magazine in an article about Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, tells the reader that he starts his day at 5:30 am. Dorsey uses the time before the start of the working day for meditation and 10-kilometer run.
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, begins to respond to emails partner every morning at 4:30.
Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, is a big supporter of that waking up early. In one of his interview with Business Insider, he admitted that he wakes up at 5:45 and immediately gets to work. First, he is sitting at the computer for a while, and then later only breakfast.

6. You'll be two steps ahead of all

The habit of waking up early, as studies show, can help you unleash your creativity. Plus, it develops your confidence: you begin to work even when all your competitors are sleeping.

All of the most unpleasant things I learned working to solve before 8 am. This habit allows me to live the whole next day with a high level of energy and a sense of accomplishment. The habit to perform the most unpleasant things early in the morning reduces my stress levels and anxiety.

And another. If you can teach yourself to wake up at two and a half hour earlier than usual, you get the advantage of working in 150 minutes a day. This 17 and a half hours a week and 70 hours - a month. 840 hours per year. The choice is yours.

10 tips for raising children by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Being a good parent - a difficult task. Especially if you're a superstar and you have as much as 6 children. But this celebrity couple comes with its responsibilities.
Here are 10 rules that Jolie and Pitt are advised to adhere to the education of children. AdMe.ru sure these guys are not bad advice.

Tips Angelina

1.Teachers must be well paid. I am ashamed that the US - one of the richest countries on the planet - such meager pay money to teachers and educators, those who form the next generation. It's just absurd! We do not bargain with Brad with private teachers, because not appreciating the work of educators, we have devalued its future.

2.My home is where my children. I have no problem to move. Americans this is generally easy to apply - we all have mixed ancestry. In the veins of my father-Dutch flowing German and Czech blood. The ancestors of the mother - the Iroquois Indians. Now you understand why I am.

3.Having children  - a reason to forgive their parents. Perhaps this has something Freudian, but when you brought up my father, who, for one reason or another is far from ideal, it affects your relationship with your children. The appearance of your children gives you the opportunity to come to terms with their parents. This is the perfect time to forgive. Absurd mistakes that my father did help me become a better mother for my children.

4.The ideal father - is the one who knows what to do in critical situations , and is able to control myself. Anyone who prefers diplomacy to force. Anyone who knows how to deal with their children.

5.We fought without witnesses . Brad can not be inferred from his state of Zen. He is a man with a logical mind, and I am impulsive and do everything at the last minute. And with a bunch of kids on his hands! But as for education, here we are with Brad on the same wavelength. He never argues with my decisions. I agree with him, too. I think there is nothing worse than when parents when children are questioning the correctness of each other. In case of disagreement we swear so that children are not heard. So when I tell Maddox that he would not go on a motorcycle with my dad, and he would never complain to Brad in the hope to lift the ban. However, this does not prevent him to return to baseball in muddy pants and torn sneakers. Then I discuss it with Brad - at a very high tone. But would not work - they're both boys!

Tips Brad

6. We give the right to choose a profession. As a child I was a fan of Travolta. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a reporter. Then came the period of the disco. I wanted to be like John Travolta and dance, as he is in "Saturday Night Fever." I would like his suit, very much. Then I became interested in photography. I shot everything that came into the lens of my camera. Love the architecture came later. How can I get my children to be consistent in the way the profession?

7.We do not impose their faith to children. We Angie children of different nationalities and religion, and we are not going to impose their religion. For example, I was raised Baptist, but I never felt the desire to pray as fervently as do my parents, deeply religious people. In the town of Springfield, where I grew up, I was taught to respect those who live by faith. But to be honest, while I was more than a sermon, pretty girls interested, which could be seen in the churchyard. It was a big mistake. Because, once again noticing my interest, the pastor made me read aloud in front of the whole congregation closing prayer. Nightmare. Then I was incredibly shy!

8.Vanity is not valued in the family Pitt. I became a star even before I had become a father for the whole horde. Now my priority - the children, although they take all the energy. You see dark circles under your eyes? If girls who meditate on my posters, know what I look like in the morning, they would be disappointed. Fatherhood tames the ego. Becoming a father, I said goodbye to my illusions on the subject chosen. In the past, leaving the house, I thought, "What are my plans for today?" Now, I often think, "When I finish work today?" See the difference?

9.We make no distinction between them . Some of us have given birth, others have adopted - they do not have to feel the difference. Adopt an orphan, give hope to the affected kids - I think that is our mission!

16.You need to have parental ambitions. The children give a lot: the peace of mind, joy of life, the desire to develop as a person. I love to take them on nature, out of his climb, inventing new games for them. Believe me, it takes serious effort. The only thing that my kids can not stand - this routine! Like all parents, I have ambitions plans for them. I hope they will find their place in life, and my name will not be a hindrance to them. I know a lot of sad stories of those who had inherited a large fortune, and fully understand what the risk. Yes, my children have access to everything that is best in the world. Compared to the other they have a huge advantage - I hope they are aware of this report. When I was a teenager, I did not have 25 pairs of sneakers, my parents waited for the old worn down. I can only insist that children respect their teachers and are well behaved in class, recognized the authority of adults, to achieve good results in their studies. What else to add? What each of them - an integral part of my life. Forever.