7 life hacking, that can help you become healthier

 With the onset of autumn is increasingly lost the mood and reduces efficiency. What can we do to not feel squeezed like a lemon? This will help 7 simple tricks that will improve health, increase efficiency and help to remain in good spirits despite the overcast weather outside.

1. Fill in the diet of larger fish dishes. Contained in fish omega-3 help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Due to the increased content of these acids in fish can get rid of depression. Scientists have confirmed that omega-3 reduces anxiety, and also reduces the symptoms of certain mental disorders. Residents of some countries (Taiwan and Japan), in which fish is the basis of power, much less likely to suffer from bouts of depression than their Western neighbors.

2. Use small plates. Studies have shown that an overwhelming number of people do not stop until you eat all the food that is on your plate, even if you do not feel strong hunger. Quite often, it is more than necessary. If you use large plates, but apply less food, it will not act. When a person sees a large plate contains little food, then it seems this is not enough to satisfy your hunger. And if the same amount of food put into the small plate portion takes all the space and the illusion that the food is small, does not arise. And, therefore, it is unlikely you will want to supplement. Perhaps that is why the restaurants serve food in large dishes. After all, they would be profitable for you to make an order for a couple servings of supplements!

 3. Smile. Even a forced smile with his lips can improve mood. A sincere smile can convey love and joy to nearby people. Most people are able to subconsciously distinguish genuine smile from an artificial smile. With a tight smile involving only the lips, and those who are truly happy, smiling and his eyes. Smile! After smiling people cause to themselves more sympathy and trust in others.

 4. Do not neglect walks. If you suddenly feel that squeezed like a lemon, performance fell just walk down the street 15 minutes. It was a walk, but do not sit in a cafe. The result you will see as soon as they return to work: tiredness will pass, and you can easily concentrate on solving any problems of workers.

 5. Visualize. Studies have proven that success in the imagination plays an important role. Visualization - a representation of a positive result. Several times a day, imagine how you reached your goal - and this is the first step in the direction of your dreams. This method can be used in sports: you can every day to mentally visualize how you are doing a particular exercise, hone in mind all the traffic - and as scientists say, this practice over time will result.

 6. Start a blog. According to scientists, it is a good help in dealing with stress. Even if you are a very busy person, highlight just 5 minutes a day, then to put on paper their feelings, experiences and emotions. It relieve stress and even increase the level of efficiency. If you are already in a blog, start recording it their daily achievements. This will help build on the success and self-esteem. Another blog can be used to record your goals. So they are always before my eyes, and reach them will be more likely.

7. Do not be too lazy to take a warm shower before bedtime. Whatever you are tired at the end of the day, always find the strength to undress and walk to the bathroom. A warm shower will wash away the dust from the street and the body will quickly go to sleep. After all, when you come out of the shower and go to bed in the cool, the body temperature decreases slightly, it slows down the metabolism and catches drowsiness. Even if you do not feel this effect, imagine how much more pleasant to sleep, feeling fresh and clean.

Lake Bled - the best place for those who love peace and quiet

From Venice to the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, about 250 kilometers, 50 kilometers and you need to drive to get to the small town of Bled, which is located in the Julian Alps near the Austrian border.

 Bled - Slovenia is a tourist mecca. It is situated on the banks of a beautiful mountain Lake Bled. The perfect place for those who prefer peace and quiet, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts.

At dawn, I went to the mountain Small Osoynitsa. It was from a magnificent view of the lake and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, located on an island in the middle of Lake Bled. Turn after turn "tropin och nogo" serpentine, and 15 minutes later I was on the observation deck.

 Somewhere I read that due to the specific climate in summer is always sunny, but it is not my case. In front of me instead of the dawn sun in the sky had been dark clouds.

 On one of the shores of the lake on a cliff 130 meters in height more than 1000 years is Bled Castle.

After breakfast, go up to him ... the parking lot is still a sufficient number of seats, but the tourist buses arrive one by one.

The first impression - was in the Tallinn fortress. Architecture hair's breadth

From the walls of the castle also has a beautiful view of the lake from a height of breathtaking.

 The castle itself is very small. It has a cafe-restaurant, a museum, a smithy, a printing house and a wine cellar.

Standard, in general, a set of similar attractions.

After strolling through the castle, its cellars and a coin minted in the memory ...

 ... Went down to a stroll along the promenade, take a boat ride and feed the fish.

I am pleased to be here to fish, but for this, they say, you need a license.

Looking at the turquoise crystal clear waters of the lake, I could not help but still bathed, despite not being very warm weather and virtually no visitors. For me as a comfortable temperature, though much cooler Adriatic.

Bled - the place is really unique and beautiful, it must be seen. But stay here for longer than a couple of days, I would not. In order for people at least for a week but stayed here permanently arrange any sporting and cultural events, especially in summer.

• Investigation of the deepest caves in the world

People rarely explore the vast and unexplored underground worlds, but not National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, who throughout his career studying and photographing the largest and deepest caves in the world.

 Cave called cavity in the ground, communicating with the surface of one or more inlets.

The largest cave is a complex system of passageways and halls, often a total length of up to several tens of kilometers.

Caves on their origin can be divided into 5 groups: tectonic, erosion, ice, volcanic, and, finally, the largest group - karst. We'll talk about them in detail.

As already mentioned, the vast majority of caves - karst. It is these caves have the greatest length and depth.

 Karst caves are formed due to the dissolution of the rock with water, so they are found only where there is a soluble rocks: limestone, marble, chalk, gypsum and salt.

 Tectonic caves can occur in any breed in the formation of tectonic faults. They are found in the sides of deeply incised river valleys in the highlands, where massive amounts of rock break away from the sides, forming cracks.

These cracks sometimes form a fairly deep vertical cave to a depth of 100 meters

Type 3 caves - erosional. They are formed in the rock due to mechanical, ie, "Rout" water containing grains of hard material. Often these caves formed by the sea under the influence of the surf, but they are small.

 Spectacular glacier caves are formed in the body glacial meltwater.

 Meltwater forms passages, sometimes passable to humans. The length of these caves can be several hundred meters, depth - up to 100 meters or more.

Also, the ice cave in the glacier can be formed at the exit site located under the glacier underground thermal springs. Hot water is able to do in the ice volume of the gallery. Thermal glacial caves found in Iceland, Greenland and reach quite large.

 The latter type - a volcanic cave. They occur in volcanic eruptions. The flow of lava, cooling down, covered with a solid crust, forming a lava tube. After the end of the eruption of lava flows from the lower end of the tube and inside the tube is hollow.

 Lava cave can reach very large sizes up to 65.6 km in length and 1,100 meters depth.

In addition, there are lava tubes vertical volcanic caves - volcanoes.

Wildlife caves are not very rich, however, some of the animals found here. Firstly, it is the bats that use the caves as a shelter or for wintering. And bats often fly into remote and inaccessible locations of caves, well oriented in the labyrinth of narrow passages.

Apart from bats in some caves inhabited by insects, spiders, shrimps, fish and salamanders. All kinds of cave-adapted to the dark, and many of them lose their organs of vision.

As we know from history, primitive people used the caves around the world as home. More often settled in the caves of animals.

 Normally, water is found in many caves and karst caves owe their origin to it. Not uncommon and beautiful underwater caves. About them we have already talked in detail.

 Most caves breathable air, although there are cave where you can only be in masks.

 In addition to the caves, by definition, have access to the surface, the earth's crust has a closed underground cavities. The deepest underground cavity length of 2 950 meters of drilling has been discovered on the coast of Cuba.

 In our solar system, other than Earth, caves found on the Moon and Mars.