We are making a very simple bracelet

Today I want to show you the production of very simple but lovely bracelet. It is based on the famous bracelets Vietnamese

Make a bracelet in one turn.

Materials for the bracelet:

- A thick cotton cord is 0.7 - 0.8 m 
- Monofilament / synthetic yarn / thread last nova Ja; 
- faceted beads coil 8 mm 12 pieces; 
- delicate beads 8 mm 6 pieces; 
- toning quartz beads 8 mm 3 pieces; 
- decorative button.


- Needles for beadwork; 
- scissors. This is a scheme for Termination edge beaded items, called "American." The scheme is very versatile and is suitable not only for beads! With this scheme, one can do a lot of different products. 

For this bracelet scheme will be as follows:

 Fold the cord in half, dress decorative buttons and ties underneath the knot. Lace monofilament hide on the inside of the lace, the reliability can be made a few stitches.

Stretching the thread forward a couple of millimeters on one of the laces. Begin to fix faceted beads coil between the threads, as shown, grabbing one by one each end of the string. If the beads are to revolve and fall out of their seats, can be done on each of two stitches to hold tight.

 Sewn beads placed between them - toning quartz. Try the bracelet on his hand; when the length is sufficient to tie the knot right next to the last bead.

Stitch bracelet in the opposite direction, using an inverted pattern. This will give the product strength and align the small bumps. 
The starting point of the band, I ask the knot again, it is hid monofilament knot, securing it a few stitches. 
On the free ponytail bracelet tying another knot or two nodes. A distance equal to the diameter of the first buttons. 
Cut the excess cord, and bracelet-ready!

 In this scheme, you can make different decorations. Next bracelet is similar to that shown.

And a couple of bracelets in the same way.

That's all, dear readers!

How to dry fresh flowers

That was autumn, and therefore with her it was time to kindergarten and school autumn crafts and souvenirs. We have this time to runs until November, so many still have time to stock up on materials for such work.

I want to tell you about how easy and low-budget dry fresh flowers. I like this way that so flowers can be dried with a large midway, which can not be dried in the book. 

For work, we need the following materials:

- Fresh flowers, the same shape as chamomile (shaggy, such as peonies are undesirable, because not are dried);

- Semolina (I had 3 kg, the price in local stores 35 p.);

suitable saucepan with a wide bottom.

Instead, semolina can use well-dried sand. 

I left this sand was not, and taking into account the rainy season, I had to buy semolina.

First of all, we collect the flowers.

I took echinacea.

 Small tea roses.



I also pick flowers clematis, but I was in a dried form, they do not like, because the color of the leaves change to gloomy brown.

Earlier, during his hobbies florist, I Dried flowers Jerusalem artichoke, but for some reason this time I have not found them.

Take a pan, sleeps semolina layer about 2 cm thick and laid flowers stalks up and rose up, so they do not touch each other. Again, pour a layer of semolina.

And since multiple layers. It is more convenient to improve the performance of semolina between large lay little flowers.

And retracts away from the cat for two weeks.

Two weeks later, we obtain a saucepan and gently pull out the flowers. I pour semolina into another pot, and pull out the flowers as they appear. If you need a flower with stalk, pull it out of semolina, you can tear off the stalk.

Shake off the monkey and that's the finished result.

Dried flowers are stored in this way for very long. At least I have a flower arrangement existed, not burn out, for two years, until tired.

Thanks to all who read.

Hundertwasser House / Hundertwasser House

 Hundertwasserhaus (Hundertwasser Haus), located in Vienna - the first creation of original architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser  
He created this creation in 1986 under the state order of the Viennese City Hall. This lovely house has become a new tourist attraction immediately after its construction.  
The house is an unusually painted in bright colors, and its windows are arranged randomly on the plan Hundertwasser. Inside the house there are no sharp corners, as they rounded and tiled floors uneven. Finishing indoors as unusual as foreign. It consists of patterns that resemble a forest theme, and smoothly plastered walls resemble the waves of the sea. According to the architect, the man who came to the house, meets nature: water, wood, bright colors that make life more beautiful.  

Hundertwasser House does not conform to any norms and standards, however, it attracts the eye of every tourist with their uniqueness.  
Interestingly, that Hundertwasser House residential. It has 50 apartments, so the interior design house will not be able to meet. But if you go to the mall «Village», which is located next to the house of Hundertwasser, it looks like it may be from the inside, as the architect of the shopping center is also Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Admire home can also be sitting in the cafe, which is located in a shopping center. 

The architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser has created an oasis in the city where people feel comfortable.

"The man who lives in the apartment, should be able to look out the window and convert it to the extent to which can reach out his hand. And he must be allowed to take a long brush and paint the outside of everything what he can not reach it. Then all the street will be seen from a distance, that the one who lives here, differs from the imprisoned, enslaved, standardized neighbor. "

Hundertwasserhaus (Hundertwasser House, Vienna, Austria) 1983-1986

Address: Kegelgasse 36-38, 1030 Vienna, Austria

 Number of residents - about 200 people. The area of apartments - from 30 to 150 m2. 50 apartments, a medical office, cafe, parking for 37 cars, a winter garden, two children's play rooms, 16 private and three public terraces. The number of trees planted in the territory - 250 Total Area: 1273 sq. m (area of building), 5230 sq. m (residential and useful area).

Hundertwasser House in Vienna (he is officially called in guidebooks) - sight unseen. Not even a house, and the play, some medieval miracle play and Meyerhold revues in one bottle. Quadrangles lined with asymmetrical facade, ceramic tile as the main element of the decor, no two windows of the same shape and size, uneven walls, floors, reminiscent of forest path. And all this in the frame of insanely lush vegetation all shades of green. Just like in a fairy tale "Hans and Gretel": the walls were made of pastry covered gingerbread roof and the windows were made of candy. This public housing - the most expensive in the Austrian capital, but when the house is completed in 1986 by those wishing to settle in a release it was not. Although, they say, not all tenants are kept for a long time. Firstly, constantly see the windows pralaya shisha tourists, secondly, tired, probably from uneven floors, especially with a hangover. It all depends on who wins the heart of the tenant - the aesthete or man in the street.

Users of social networks reacted to the shocking photos of the deceased three-year refugee

Internet users responded to the tragedy of three Syrian boy who is trying to leave the "Islamic state" drowned along with his mother and five-year brother. September 3 network has a shocking pictures - baby's body has issued waves on the beach close to the elite of the Turkish resort of Bodrum. The boy was one of 12 Syrian refugees who were trying to get on the Greek island of Kos.
Editorial Unseen pictures for you collected tweets and posts Instagram-people who mourn Aylanu and calls on the European authorities to change attitude towards the situation around people who want to leave the war.